Alex’s story is the story of many Torontonians. Born halfway around the world, he immigrated to Canada at 8 years of age with his family, and settled in North York to start a home.


Alex enrolled at McGill University in Montreal, the first of his family to pursue post-secondary education. He studied International Development and Economics, and grew as a student leader in the campus community.




A long-time conservative youth activist, Alex served as President of the Conservative Association at McGill University, and has been involved in over a dozen local elections, nomination races, and conservative activist campaigns.


Alex worked as a political trainer at the Preston Manning Centre in Calgary and most recently served as the Operations Manager and Social Media Coordinator for the Michael Chong Campaign for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada. Alex is running to build the modern, inclusive PC Party that can win in 2018, and get Ontario back on track.


Alex believes in a conservatism that includes all Ontarians, that celebrates and cherishes the differences that make our province the envy of the world. A conservatism that’s focused on growing businesses, creating good jobs, and making life affordable again. A conservatism that works for all of us.